Goodbye, I barely knew ye…

Wow… I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last updated this blog.

In mid February I crashed my beloved Schwinn… hard.  Fractured my elbow, separated some cartilage in my rib… bodies heal (yeah!), bikes don’t.

I loved this bike… it quickly became, by far, my favorite bike of any that I’ve ever owned.  It felt fast and spry, and was beautiful — eliciting positive comments everywhere that I rode it.  I probably rode it about 4000 miles before encountering this:

Excessive Gap

It’s hard to see from this photo, but the gap was nearly 2″ wide at the edge of the drain.  What’s also hard to see from this photo is that the drain extends about 3 times as far into the traffic lane as most do, putting the gap directly in the path of travel of most cyclists [I normally would have been further left, but somehow I’d ended up further right than I prefer to ride].

I don’t remember anything from the fall.  One second I’m riding, the next I’m on the ground.  After that it was a strange slow motion sensation as I watched my water bottles skitter ‘slowly’ by, then my ziploc food containers from lunch, as I thought to myself:  “Strange, I didn’t zip my bag”.  Why such a thought was going through my mind, I dunno.

The final outcome for the bike was a bent fork, bent handlebars, bent brake levers, bent saddle, damaged rim, torn tire & tube, and possibly some other less obvious stuff.

Anyhow, here’s a parting shot before I salvaged the undamaged parts:

Ouch… look at that fork.

It was nice while it lasted.  It now hangs in my garage, stripped… maybe some day I’ll find a LOOOONG fork for it — the LBS put an alignment gauge on it and says that the frame itself is straight.