Time to Hit the Road

bigclimbone.JPGI can’t wait. Concentration escapes me. I just about have everything ready. Have I forgotten anything? I’ve thought it over so many times that I can’t see how it’s possible.

The picture is a screenshot from Google Earth. I’ve turned elevation exaggeration all of the way up, but that’s about how it’ll feel on a bike anyhow!

0813071433.jpgI’m planning three days of riding. I’ll be riding my Trek 520; a great touring bike, but with a brain-dead gearing setup. I’ve made a few changes to the bike to get ready for the big climbs. I replaced the 30T granny ring with a 26T ring (look at that jump!) and replaced the rear 11-32 cassette with a 11-34 cassette. It’d be better to put on a mountain crankset, but I didn’t want to spend that much on a new crankset and bottom bracket. Someday. I also replaced the rear rack with a Jandd Expidition rack to prevent my new big bags from swaying into the spokes, which happened far too often with the stock Trek rack. I installed a front rack long ago.
bigclimbtwo.JPGI packed over the weekend (yeah, far too early, but I’m anxious!) and weighed the bags, tent, and sleeping bag. The total weight, before food and water, was 35 lbs. Water is heavy, so I’m expecting the total to be about 45 lbs. Interestingly, that makes the total weight much less than I used to weigh, even without a load!

0715072150.jpgI can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait… By the end of the tour I will be quite familiar with my friend named Brooks…

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