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Moving The Kayak, Trailer — Phase1


August 6, 2007 by rexkerr

Trailer, Prior to ConversionOK, now that I have my new Kayak, I need a convenient way to get it to the lake. Lake Natoma is a little over a mile from my house, so driving there seems quite silly. By the time that I lift the heavy kayak up on top of my car, drive to the lake, pay the $5 day use fee, take the boat off of my car, etc, I could just ride my bike there! I have this old child trailer that I’ve been meaning to convert for cargo use, so here goes…

Trailer, During ConversionPhase 1 is to convert it from a child trailer to a flatbed cargo trailer. A cargo trailer would have many uses in addition to the kayak, so even without the kayak this’d be a worthwhile venture. Once phase 1 is complete, I’ll continue to phase 2, which is to build a kayak cradle on top of it and move the tongue forward. The final phase will be to convert an old Rubbermaid tub and lid to fit on top of the flatbed using the same mounting holes as the kayak cradle.

Trailer, Flatbed Conversion CompletePhase one is complete. I removed all of the excess parts from the old child trailer. Once it was stripped down to just a rectangular frame I drilled some 1/4″ holes along the perimeter and bolted 1×4 strips fore-aft to support the 1/4″ birch plywood bed using carriage bolts. Not much to say about this step, it was quite straightforward and took maybe 2 hours total, including cleanup.

So far, so good…

Continued in Phase 2.


  1. [...]  This is a continuation of Phase 1. [...]

  2. [...] Rex sent in how he converted a child trailer to carry his kayak to the lake by bicycle — Link. [...]

  3. [...] Rex sent in how he converted a child trailer to carry his kayak to the lake by bicycle — Link. [...]

  4. [...] Rex sent in how he converted a child trailer to carry his kayak to the lake by bicycle — Link. [...]

  5. [...] Rex sent in how he converted a child trailer to carry his kayak to the lake by bicycle — Link. [...]

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