Mac newbie, day 4 (a rant about keyboard shortcuts)

Ugh…. I’m a major keyboard user and avoid the mouse at all costs. While the trackpad on the MacBook, with its many gestures, is SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME that it can ALMOST pull me away from the keyboard, it’s still not as fast as the keyboard for many operations. That said, MacOS seems almost hostile to keyboard users. And I’m not just talking about the fact that they’re all different than Linux (or Windows) — I can adapt (though as soon as I typed that I accidentally hit ALT + ARROW rather than CTRL + ARROW to jump back a few words to edit what I’d typed and almost lost this post because I used the Mac shortcut on a Windows computer, which caused the browser to go back! DOH!).

Here’s an example:

iPhoto… I imported the photos from my phone and then went through and started deleting all of the one-off temporary pictures of receipts, product price tags, etc… Normally I’d do this very quickly with the keyboard… arrow to select the picture, delete, arrow to the next. A very fast operation. In iPhoto? Forget it! Every time you delete a photo it resets your position back to the very first photo. As far as I can tell, you cannot use the keyboard to navigate efficiently. Another example, in iPhoto, is the inability to navigate back out of an album. Once I enter an album I cannot find any keystroke to go back up a level. I’ve tried everything I can think of and every shortcut that I can find that works in the finder or elsewhere… No such luck.

Maybe as I learn more shortcuts I’ll change my mind, but as of right now I’m giving it a 4/10 score for keyboard navigability.