Good Penetration Testing Live-CD?

I needed a penetration testing tool to ensure that a particular computer didn’t have any known vulnerabilities. Wanting something that didn’t have to be installed I started looking for live CDs, particularly one with Open-VAS installed. I tried numerous different CDs, all of which had some show stopper issue that made it not work. Most of them seemed to put more focus on making the UI look “haxxor 1337” than actually doing the intended job.

I finally stumbled upon a really good one! Don’t ask me how… I’d forgotten the name and tried to find it again, and even knowing a bunch of keywords I couldn’t find it with any of the search engines. Hopefully this link will help raise its position in the search game because it really deserves it!!

Shadow Circle, a PenTesting LiveCD that works!
Shadow Circle, a PenTesting LiveCD that works!

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