Problems with Cygwin .screenrc file resolved!

I’ve been fighting with my .screenrc file in Cygwin for quite some time… I’d configure settings and either they wouldn’t take (such as turning off startup_message) or I’d get strange errors like Unrecognized command ”.

It turns out that my .screenrc file had dos line endings. running dos2unix fixed it!

$ dos2unix .screenrc

I post this hoping that somebody else will stumble across this when they’re struggling with similar problems. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Problems with Cygwin .screenrc file resolved!”

  1. Cygwin is a set of libraries and applications that provide a Unix like environment in Windows, including a bash shell and X server.

  2. Not really an emulator, a compatibility layer.

    There is apache, PHP, etc, for cygwin, but I wouldn’t say that it “is like” LAMPP/XAMPP.

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