Chaco == Great Customer Support!!

Chaco Sandals, repaired and as good as new!
Chaco Sandals, repaired and as good as new!

I love my Chaco sandals. I wear them every day. The last few weeks though I’ve been without them and my feet have been sad. Why? Well, after a year of wearing them while wading in the ocean at the beach, portaging my kayak through shallow rivers, hiking on rough terrain, bicycling, and just sitting around the office the soles started to separate from the footbed. I contacted Chaco and was told that it should be covered under warranty. I mailed them in and without charge they came back a week later with brand new Vibram soles, as good as new! I was surprised how deep the sole lugs were, I hadn’t realized how much I’d worn off.

Thanks Chaco!

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