Remembering Why I LOVE Cycling!

Bicycle Near the River
Bicycle Near the River

I went for a ride during lunch on my old Schwinn World Tourist.  I’ve had this bike for almost a decade now, but it’s seldom ridden because it’s neither fast nor efficient.  Lately I’ve been leaving it at the office to ride at lunch during this beautiful weather that we’ve had lately — it’s great for those casual 7-10 MPH rides with no particular destination in mind.  I ride 6 or 7 miles; down to the river, wander around a bit watching the birds and other wildlife while eating my lunch, then ride back to the office.

It turns out that this picture was almost much more interesting… just as I was about to push the shutter something huge jumped out of the water and splashed back down, but I missed it because I was watching through the small screen of my camera-phone.   You can see the rings from the landing zone just in front of the front reflector of the bike just left of where the cables intersect the water.

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