Free Professional Assembly

Sometimes I am asked what is wrong with department store bikes.  I give a whole list of reasons, but I just came across a great illustration of the problem…

In case the picture is gone, I’ve included it here…    of course this bike is mail-order (assemble it yourself), but I often see assembly work just like this at departments stores that offer “free professional assembly.”

Professional Assembly Included

Quickly off the top of my head:

  • Fork installed backwards! (Yikes!)
  • Handlebars not flipped up correctly.
  • Cables all tangled, not of proper length
  • Nose of saddle pointing up too much (ouch!)
  • Reflectors not properly aligned (won’t provide proper visibility)
  • Plastic piece meant to keep the axle from poking through the box not removed
  • Sold as a “26 inch frame”, trust me, it’s NOT a 26″ frame… it’s a one-size-fits-few frame

And that’s just what I can see!  Were the bearings properly adjusted? Were the wheels properly tensioned?  Is the stem binder properly torqued?  Is the saddle binding bolt tight? Are the shifters adjusted correctly?  I doubt it.

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