A *BIG* bike!

1981 Schwinn Voyageur S/P, 68 cm
I’ve been looking for a bike that fits me for some time… and I think I’ve found it…

A 68 cm, 1982 Schwinn Voyageur S/P!!  It needs a bit of work before I can ride it:

  • new stem (en route)
  • headset adjustment
  • overhaul all bearings
  • re-tension and true the wheels
  • clean and touch up paint some rust spots
  • polish the aluminum
  • put wider handlebars on it (I dislike the older narrow bars) and put on some barend shifters that I have sitting in my parts box.  The downtube shifters would be fine, if they weren’t so far away!!

The picture is the picture that the seller put on Craigslist…

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