2 thoughts on “Sometimes there are some real turkeys out there during the commute…”

  1. I remember in my teenage years how I love to bike everywhere. Didn’t take a single thought to hop on my Raliegh rs1027 10 speed, (very nice for 1979), and ride to the next town 10 miles away or to my Grandmothers 16 miles away or to see a girl either 20 – 28 miles off through the Calif countryside. Although it was mostly farm land there were still great things to see such as Ring Neck Pheasants and an occasional Turkey Vulture cicling the sky above, no not over me!

    My most unusual experience had to be one trip through the Tehachapi area going to Mojave and back that was done in JULY (VERY HOT). I was experiencing things hitting my feet as I peddled though the dry grassy area of hwy 58 heading to Bakersfield. I was wearing flip flops at the time so these items at 15 mph weren’t too comfortable hitting my naked skin. It took awhile to figure out what it was due to my speed I couldn’t see clearly what was hitting my feet. After stopping and examining the situation, I found that it was GRASSHOPPERS!
    They were attracted to the shine of my chrome rims/spokes and jumped at them. Hitting the spokes, they were thrown back at my feet and legs.

    Other than that and the mistake of taking off my shirt “on a day hot enough to make the Devil sigh” for which I was a bright and painful tomatoe for a week, it was a nice 350 mile round trip.

  2. Thanks for the comments… interesting! 🙂 When I was young we lived in NV for part of the summers and I remember huge numbers of grasshoppers jumping around while I rode.

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