Basic Maintenance

Does it look worn out?Look at that pad,it still looks good, right?

I’ve HATED these pads ever since I bought the bike. They’re the stock Avid pads that came with the “Single Digit 5” V-Brakes that came with my touring bike. I replaced the front pad within a few days of buying the bike because they were removing aluminum flakes from the rim which would get embedded in the pad and make horrible scratching noises. I didn’t bother to change the back pad because I seldom use that brake, mostly just for slowing down lightly while looking back and signaling a left turn. For that reason, I didn’t really think much when they started making scraping noises again. It’s the rainy season and I figured it was just road grit. Besides, they still looked thick enough, I mean, look at the picture! The scraping was getting louder though, to the point where I completely stopped using that brake!!

Well, this weekend I finally got around to cleaning the bike up and decided to clean the grit out of the pad; instead, look what I found!!

Yikes!Yikes! Only 2600 miles of infrequent use and it’s already GONE! Down to the metal!! ACK, ruining my rims!!! The front pads, awesome dual compound koolstop pads, still have a lot of life left! I couldn’t believe that they were so worn out considering the circumstances! I’ll NEVER use these pads again! So, for now I stole the original front pads back from my fixed gear and am back rolling again, but even those will be going in the trash as soon as I have a new set (and a new set for the fixie!)

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