Le Tour?

letourlogo.jpgYesterday I met another cyclist at a stop light and he asks me, “So, are you watching the tour?” After a brief moment of confusion I realized that the Tour de France was currently in progress. I told him that I don’t really watch much TV, and that includes the tour. He seemed somewhat displeased with my answer. I guess I could stereotype and point out that he was riding a colorful carbon fiber racing machine and I was riding a 30 year old steel framed (ironically French) bike with panniers. He was wearing matching jersey and shorts with many company logos, and I was wearing simple black cycling shorts and ‘commuter yellow’ jersey. I could stereotype, but I will.

Anyhow… this made me think. What is a ‘real’ cyclist? Would it be the commuter that rides thousands of miles per year and is content with practical bikes? Is it the racer who has to have matching overpriced gear? Is it the blue collar worker who rides his WalMart bike at night with no lights? I suspect the later wouldn’t care to be called cyclists, they do it out of necessity, but maybe the others all need to live and let live.

It’s still fun to occasionally drop the wanna be racers, uphill, loaded, while riding an old obsolete commuting bike. 🙂

I hear that Freddie Mercury of Queen composed this song while watching the tour… I have to say, I agree with the chorus!

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like