Car vs. Bicycle? Bicycle wins!

Towing a Brick Saw One of my current projects is removing a good portion of the back lawn in preparation for a raised bed planter for vegetables.  I had done a good portion of the work resizing the patio (which is also getting smaller) and needed to rent a brick saw to finish the bricks along the edges.

So, Saturday morning comes and I drive my Subaru Outback wagon over to United Rentals to pick up the saw that I’d reserved.  After paying and getting out to the rental yard I see that it’s much bigger than I’d anticipated, and won’t fit into the car!!!  It’s too tall!  Being almost 80 kg, it was also too heavy to lift in and out by myself!  There’s no way to safely keep the back end of it hanging out of the back of the car, so they suggest a trailer rental — problem is, I don’t have a hitch!  I briefly consider putting this off for a week so that I can go get a receiver hitch (since this isn’t the first time I’ve had such a problem), when I realize that I’ve got a trailer!!!  I told them to wait a bit and I’d be back.

So, I go home and quickly get the bicycle trailer ready.  You shoulda seen their faces when I rode up.  I’d realized that the saw had its own wheels so I didn’t have to support the entire weight on the bike trailer, but merely had to strap the front of it to the trailer.  Cinched the front of it down with the webbing straps from my kayak, left the back wheels on the road, and it was good to go! The guy working there who was in charge of helping people load their rentals kept saying “I’ve never seen anything like this!” over and over.

I rode the hilly 1.8 kilometers home (about 50 meters of descending, and 60 meters of climbing) without incident, though I did ride quite slowly both downhill (for safety) and uphill (just because!) — I probably averaged about 8 kph!

In the picture you see the way that I tied it on for my trip home.  This didn’t work quite as well as I’d like because it put too much weight on the tongue.  On the trip back I was a bit smarter and put the front legs over the axle of the trailer, which put very little weight on the tonque and it handled MUCH better, I could have ridden MUCH further! I also took a different route that was longer (about 2.5 km), but had far less climbing.   When I returned there was a different set of people working there… one guy says “Gas prices have really changed this place!” haha

I think that I need a trailer from these guys!