Basic Maintenance

Does it look worn out?Look at that pad,it still looks good, right?

I’ve HATED these pads ever since I bought the bike. They’re the stock Avid pads that came with the “Single Digit 5” V-Brakes that came with my touring bike. I replaced the front pad within a few days of buying the bike because they were removing aluminum flakes from the rim which would get embedded in the pad and make horrible scratching noises. I didn’t bother to change the back pad because I seldom use that brake, mostly just for slowing down lightly while looking back and signaling a left turn. For that reason, I didn’t really think much when they started making scraping noises again. It’s the rainy season and I figured it was just road grit. Besides, they still looked thick enough, I mean, look at the picture! The scraping was getting louder though, to the point where I completely stopped using that brake!!

Well, this weekend I finally got around to cleaning the bike up and decided to clean the grit out of the pad; instead, look what I found!!

Yikes!Yikes! Only 2600 miles of infrequent use and it’s already GONE! Down to the metal!! ACK, ruining my rims!!! The front pads, awesome dual compound koolstop pads, still have a lot of life left! I couldn’t believe that they were so worn out considering the circumstances! I’ll NEVER use these pads again! So, for now I stole the original front pads back from my fixed gear and am back rolling again, but even those will be going in the trash as soon as I have a new set (and a new set for the fixie!)

We’ll miss you Sheldon!

I don’t know where to begin. The cycling world has lost one of the greats. Sheldon Brown died last night of a heart attack after a long struggle with MS. When I first saw the Usenet posting I thought that the title had to be in jest, it HAD to be about something other than his passing, it just couldn’t be true! Sadly, it was.

Sheldon Brown will be remembered as a legend whose positive impact will be felt for many years to come.

It’s interesting how you can form a strong emotional attachment to somebody without ever really meeting them.  Over the years I have interacted with Sheldon Brown on a number of occasions. His help in matters related to cycling has been invaluable to me and many others. His amazing website, a wealth of information more valuable than an entire library of books, has been the go-to source for cyclists the world over.

Thank you Sheldon! You’ll be missed.