Windows’ Impressive Package Management

Wow… I’m speechless.

After a LONG and painful uninstallation process that required far too many clicks I finally get this dialog…

Windows’ Impressive Package Management

This is after previously having just experienced the following: Choose an app to uninstall, get an error message claiming that it’s already been uninstalled by another installer, would I like to remove it from the add/remove list? Yes. Sorry, you don’t have permission to do that! Contact your admin. (if I wasn’t admin, I wouldn’t have permission to even be here in the first place!!!), poof, it’s gone anyhow…

rkerr@twowheels:~$ sudo aptitude purge windows

I wish I never had to drive…

Victim of Oil Spill

I wish that I never had to drive.

An oil tanker crashes into a bridge near San Francisco and spills 58,000 gallons of fuel into the bay. That’s a LOT of fuel! Enough to fill a 1000 square foot house from floor to ceiling! This kind of contamination makes my measly efforts to not drive feel so pointless and small. The total savings of my every ride pales in comparison to this one incident.