ASCII line drawing in PuTTY

Yeah! It’s always driven me nuts. I connect to my home computer via SSH and all of the window borders or tree controls in slrn are messed up with strange characters. I finally found a solution!

Basically, just set the assumed character set to UTF-8 under the Translation options!  Now I get proper borders and lines!

What is this?!? It’s driving me crazy!

Strange Cuts in TreeWhen hiking I frequently encounter trees that are cut out like the one in my picture. Why do people chop these rectangular holes? What are they looking for? This one was encountered in northern California, but I’ve also seen it in northern Oregon. In fact, there I saw a guy walking back with his supplies from having done this, but didn’t ask him what he was collecting.

Please tell me in the comments, it’s driving me crazy!

We both enjoyed the rain…

Toad!Last night the skies opened up and dumped a ton of water in a short amount of time. I missed the fun of riding in that (honest, I considered that a bad thing), but did get to ride home right after the major rain. The lightning storm was uncomfortably close, but the lighter rain that followed was a nice change. I enjoy riding in the rain, it’s very refreshing! When I got home I found the little guy in the picture waiting for me!