Is that car too small?

I was at the airport renting a car for a business trip recently. At the terminal next to me was a young lady with her two suitcases and carryon. During her transaction I overheard her say that she had to have a midsized car “because I need room for my luggage.” Apparently a compact car was far too small for her luggage. It would have easily fit into a Smart FourTwo. Personally, I was upset that the economy class car that I was given was so big (Kia Spectra), that seems to be more midsized to me.

Good DSL tech support?

Is it possible?

I just changed my internet service provider from Comcast cable Internet to AT&T DSL. I was able to get a 50% faster download and 300% faster upload speed for less money. I tried to stay with Comcast, but they insisted on raising my monthly rate from the price that I’ve paid for a few years now.

Anyhow, I get my modem, plug it all in, and call tech support. Their install CD is obviously not going to work on Linux. I ask for the instructions for a manual setup. I expect the word Linux to create quite some confusion, but instead I hear “which distro?” He then starts out by saying, “OK, you probably instinctively reached for Firefox, but for this I’m going to suggest that you use Konqueror, it works better. Go to the…” I apparently needed Java enabled. He knew exactly which menu to pull down, exactly which options to change, everything!


Somehow I doubt this is a regular occurrence.


aerator.jpgI was at an event in Fair Oaks this last weekend. At this event there were various companies and organizations handing out swag. One both that I happened upon was their local water district. They were handing out faucet aerators for bathroom sinks, supposedly with the intention of helping people save water. I picked one up out of curiosity and notice that it’s a 2.2 gpm model. I asked them, “Hasn’t 2.2 gpm been the standard for quite a few years now? This isn’t really going to help many people.” They responded that, no, they were 1.5 gpm. When I showed them they were somewhat embarassed.

Adding to the irony… when I got home I looked at the aerator on my bathroom sink and found that it was 2.0 gpm. Ah, irony. How many people blindly went home and replaced the aerators on their facets and patted themselves on the back for a job well done? In an attempt to help people reduce their water usage, they may have actually increased their water usage! Ooops!


0911070847.jpgToday while riding in to work I noticed that workers were in the process of installing the fences to force the salmon to climb the fish ladder at the hatchery. Looks like it’s almost time to watch them in their final struggle to their impeding death. It is interesting to watch how hard they work to make that final climb.

Activism Opportunity

I noticed recently that there is a new sign on the bike trail near the Hazel Avenue bridge soliciting feedback from cyclists about improvements that should be considered in the upcoming construction work on the Hazel Avenue bridge. I wish that all construction projects would solicit feedback from cyclists! For example, I can almost always guarantee that when I see new pavement going in that all signal detectors will be well hidden once they’re done — grrr… If you have some useful feedback, shoot them an e-mail!