The Egret

Riding home today I spotted a beautiful white egret in the creek in the park. I stopped on the bridge to watch and was inspired to write this poem…

The Egret

Stoic stalker of piscine prey
standing solo amongst the fray
of mallards mocking and swallows swift
standing staunchly against the drift
Strike! A frog? A fish? I cannot say…
The egret feasts another day.

I wish I never had to drive…

Victim of Oil Spill

I wish that I never had to drive.

An oil tanker crashes into a bridge near San Francisco and spills 58,000 gallons of fuel into the bay. That’s a LOT of fuel! Enough to fill a 1000 square foot house from floor to ceiling! This kind of contamination makes my measly efforts to not drive feel so pointless and small. The total savings of my every ride pales in comparison to this one incident.

What is this?!? It’s driving me crazy!

Strange Cuts in TreeWhen hiking I frequently encounter trees that are cut out like the one in my picture. Why do people chop these rectangular holes? What are they looking for? This one was encountered in northern California, but I’ve also seen it in northern Oregon. In fact, there I saw a guy walking back with his supplies from having done this, but didn’t ask him what he was collecting.

Please tell me in the comments, it’s driving me crazy!

Is that car too small?

I was at the airport renting a car for a business trip recently. At the terminal next to me was a young lady with her two suitcases and carryon. During her transaction I overheard her say that she had to have a midsized car “because I need room for my luggage.” Apparently a compact car was far too small for her luggage. It would have easily fit into a Smart FourTwo. Personally, I was upset that the economy class car that I was given was so big (Kia Spectra), that seems to be more midsized to me.


aerator.jpgI was at an event in Fair Oaks this last weekend. At this event there were various companies and organizations handing out swag. One both that I happened upon was their local water district. They were handing out faucet aerators for bathroom sinks, supposedly with the intention of helping people save water. I picked one up out of curiosity and notice that it’s a 2.2 gpm model. I asked them, “Hasn’t 2.2 gpm been the standard for quite a few years now? This isn’t really going to help many people.” They responded that, no, they were 1.5 gpm. When I showed them they were somewhat embarassed.

Adding to the irony… when I got home I looked at the aerator on my bathroom sink and found that it was 2.0 gpm. Ah, irony. How many people blindly went home and replaced the aerators on their facets and patted themselves on the back for a job well done? In an attempt to help people reduce their water usage, they may have actually increased their water usage! Ooops!