Yet another new theme… added Captcha

Trying to reinvigorate my old blog.  Cleaned up some old files from before I installed WordPress (I had files on the server that were from 2003!), updated to yet another clean theme (I didn’t like the colors of the previous and it was a little TOO simple, making it hard to see the post divisions, etc).  This one’s a little more cluttered than I’d like, but we’ll try it on for a while.

More importantly, I decided to get a handle on the thousands of spam messages by adding captchas.  I originally tried a captcha plugin that required the user to do some simple math, but I had a few spam comments within an hour, so I now went to the Google Captcha, which is hopefully stronger.

I hope that doesn’t slow the steady stream of one comment posting per year!  (sometimes I feel like I’m in an empty room talking to myself with this blog!)

Theme Updated

Three years without an update made for a stale blog, so I updated the theme to a more minimalist and mobile friendly theme. Not that it really matters as I don’t write much and don’t get much traffic, but I was getting tired of the old look.