When we purchased our house the landscaping was rather plain, mirroring any other in the neighborhood.  Since we moved in we’ve made a LOT of changes.  Looking at the before/after pictures is quite shocking.  Interestingly a few of our neighbors have been inspired to redo their yards and our street is now much more interesting, though I believe that ours is the most ambitious, especially considering we did ALL of the work ourselves.

Here’s the house before:

The backyard pictures have a strange perspective because they’re from a Quicktime VR file that the realtor created.  The funny thing is, when we first moved in we really liked the back yard and thought we really wouldn’t do much to it, it was “just what we wanted.”

Well, that didn’t last long.  We’re nowhere near done, but here’s a few pictures of what we’ve done (pictures can be clicked to go to a comment page where you can click them again for the full versions):