Print Media vs. Blogs

Are Dr. Dobbs editors asleep at their desks?

I’ve long been of the opinion that print media still has a place in the online world that we live in, if for no other reason than the fact that the longer release cycles allow for a higher standard; peer reviews and editors act as a sort of filtering.

Not that I’m the king of grammar, but I have come to expect print media to have been read by many editors prior to being released.  In online communications, where the pace is much faster, I have come to expect grammar errors to sneak in.  I often go back and read something that I’ve typed later on and see the most boneheaded mistakes that make me wonder what I was thinking, yet I feel excused in that I was focusing more on the content than the presentation.  Print media, on the other hand, must focus on presentation, otherwise why does it exist?

I was disappointed to look at the mail pile today and see this:

Are the editors at Dr. Dobbs asleep at their desks?
Are the editors at Dr. Dobbs asleep at their desks?

If print media allows this advantage slip away, what is left for them?

Murphy says that I probably made a really stupid mistake in this posting. 🙂

Windows’ Impressive Package Management

Wow… I’m speechless.

After a LONG and painful uninstallation process that required far too many clicks I finally get this dialog…

Windows’ Impressive Package Management

This is after previously having just experienced the following: Choose an app to uninstall, get an error message claiming that it’s already been uninstalled by another installer, would I like to remove it from the add/remove list? Yes. Sorry, you don’t have permission to do that! Contact your admin. (if I wasn’t admin, I wouldn’t have permission to even be here in the first place!!!), poof, it’s gone anyhow…

rkerr@twowheels:~$ sudo aptitude purge windows